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Why Getting Your Utah Food Handlers Permit Is Easier Than You Think

May 20, 2024
Why Getting Your Utah Food Handlers Permit Is Easier Than You Think
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There are many things you can easily do online these days, from ordering food and researching information to creating a will and keeping track of the news. Many people might not be aware that you can even get your Utah food handlers permit online as well. 

Our state-approved Utah food handlers course gives you a basic understanding of food safety, personal hygiene, avoiding cross-contamination and more, all from the convenience of a phone, tablet or computer. Let’s break down a few reasons why the process is so easy.

It Can Be Completed In Less Than Two Hours

Utah requires a minimum of 75 minutes of instruction for a food handlers permit and our state-approved course fits the bill, providing an easy understanding of several food safety-related subjects in a short amount of time. This includes how foods become unsafe, personal hygiene, proper food temperatures, preventing cross-contamination and cleaning. 

You Can Access the Course From Any Device 

Whether you have a mobile phone, tablet or computer, you can take our Utah food handler certification course from the device that is most convenient for you. A state exam is required, but the accessibility makes learning easy.

A Free Audio Version is Included 

If you find it difficult absorbing information by reading it, you’ll be happy to know that free audio is included for American Course Academy’s Utah food handlers permit course. This means you can listen to it during your commute or while you’re completing other tasks.

It’s Available in English or Spanish

It’s a welcome option for bilingual employees!

You Can Download Your Certificate Immediately

Once you complete the course, you can immediately download your certificate. This temporary permit is valid for 30 days while your official Food Handler Permit Card will be mailed to your address by the local health department. Either one is proof to your employer (and any health inspectors) that you completed an accredited course. 

It’s Valid for Three Years

Finally, the food handler certification you earn is valid for three years, meaning you have some time before you need to take the course again. When you do, you’ll enjoy the same easy process of getting re-certified.

If you’re interested in getting your Utah food handlers permit, consider enrolling in a course from American Course Academy today. Our Utah Food Handler Certification Course is easy, convenient and gives you the credentials and knowledge you need to handle and serve food safely for your guests.

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