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The Easy & Affordable Way to Make Sure Your Staff is Properly Certified

No matter the size of your hospitality business, if you have multiple employees that need certification, we can help you save through our Quantity Discount Program.

Here at American Course Academy, we are all about nurturing and building long-term business relationships with our many satisfied clients. We have a strong history of providing our clients with easy and affordable food handler certification solutions as well as alcohol seller / server certifications no matter the industry they serve. To top it off, our flexible terms and conditions for those certifications are among the best in the business.

Whether you’re seeking a bulk discount for certifications as a food handler or alcohol server/seller, American Course Academy is your trusted source. Our goal is to be your one-stop e-learning training site for all of your hospitality industry certification needs. Your journey to a fully certified hospitality staff is just a click away.

Food Handler Cards and Alcohol Service Certifications in a Snap

Once you’re ready to begin that journey, all you need to do is search for and then select the courses your employees need. Online alcohol serving licenses? We have it. Food handling cards and certifications? Not a problem. Just go to the individual course website, select the ‘Quantity Discounts’ tab on the top banner and complete the form which sets up your Corporate Account.

Once your account is set up, it’s just a simple matter of selecting the course name and quantity you would like to purchase. Your applied discount will be based on that quantity. Then, select the checkout button to finalize your payment.

The moment your payment is made, your account will be allocated Prepaid Numbers which you can then provide to your employees as needed. Those employees can then use those Prepaid Numbers as actual payment when registering for the selected course.

When you are ready to forward a Prepaid Number to your employees, just login into your account and send an e-vite. That e-vite will provide the Prepaid Number and link to the associated course. You can also track the status of any or all of your Prepaid Numbers at any time.

Our Extended Terms Seal the Deal for So Many of Our Satisfied Clients

Once a course is purchased, a student typically has 120 days to complete it and earn that certification. However, we are all quite aware of the uncertainty when it comes to employee turnover and when those Prepaid Numbers might actually be used. This is why we extend the term for your Prepaid Numbers to 5 years.

Why so generous? Because at American Course Academy, we know that our success depends on your success. We choose to make e-learning and hospitality certification convenient for both your employees and your budget.

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Our Quantity Discount Programs Include

  • Quantity discounts for your business

  • Corporate Dashboard to issue pre-paid number(s) to employees and track course completion

  • Copies of employee certifications

  • Initial and ongoing support services for enrollment and management