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Why Every Bartender Needs a TABC Server Certification

May 20, 2024
Why Every Bartender Needs a TABC Server Certification
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There are several factors that contribute to excellent bartending. A great personality is one of them. An ability to mix drinks properly is another. (A little showmanship doesn’t hurt, either.) If there’s one thing all bartenders can benefit from, however, it’s a TABC (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission) Certification. 

While not legally required for alcohol sellers and servers, this certification helps bartenders and servers conduct their jobs in a more responsible manner. Let’s cover what a TABC Certification is, how it can benefit bartenders and where to get one.

What Is A TABC Server Certification?

According to the official government website, a “TABC certification gives you the knowledge and skills you need to avoid the most common alcohol service violations and gives employers peace of mind, knowing that they are helping keep Texans safe.” Texas law doesn’t require a TABC Certification for those who serve or sell alcoholic beverages, but it may be required by your employer. Plus, a TABC Server Certification has several benefits that make it worth pursuing regardless.

Benefits of a TABC Server Certification

TABC approves certification courses for several reasons, but the biggest two are to regulate training and establish standards across the state. It’s the best way for sellers and servers of alcoholic beverages in Texas to become trained in safe selling/serving practices. There are several other benefits to a TABC Certification for servers, including:

  • Reputable: you get state-approved recognition and credentials.
  • Quick: it takes just two hours to complete an approved TABC Server Certification course.
  • Empowering: you gain valuable knowledge about alcohol identification and sales.
  • Satisfactory: it satisfies the training requirement many employers have for bartenders.
  • Immediate: you can download and print your certificate upon completion.

Where To Get A TABC Server Certification

You’d think that such a valuable certification would require lots of time and effort to obtain, but it’s easier than you might think, especially if you go with a reputable online company like American Course Academy. With our state-approved TABC certification course, you can gain the knowledge you need to serve alcohol safely to your patrons, impress your employer and maintain legal standards for avoiding beverage service with intoxicated persons and minors.

Whether you’re a restaurant server or in another role that involves handling, preparing or serving food, a TABC Certification is a big benefit. Enroll now!

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