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Food Handlers Card


  • Texas state-approved
  • Immediately download FREE food handler card
  • FREE audio included
  • English or Spanish
  • No tests. No final exams.
Food Handler Course +
TABC Certification Course


  • Bundle courses and save
  • Texas state and TABC approved
  • Immediately download FREE food handler card and TABC Certificate
  • FREE audio included
  • English or Spanish
TABC Certification Course


  • Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) approved
  • Immediately download FREE TABC Certificate
  • FREE audio included
  • English or Spanish

Understanding the Texas Food Handlers Certification: Your Complete Guide

Empower your career with our state-approved Texas Food Handlers Certification. Whether it’s known as a food handlers permit, food handlers license, or food safety certificate, our official document showcases your completion of a recognized course. Texas upholds a commitment to food safety, requiring all food handlers to obtain their certification within just 60 days of starting their employment. Experience the convenience of our online course, and upon successful completion, download and print your FREE wallet-sized food handlers card and certificate instantly.

Unlocking the Value of TABC Certification in Texas: Your Comprehensive Guide

Elevate your expertise with our online TABC Certification Course, officially sanctioned by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC). Our TABC certificate signifies your successful completion of a state-approved seller-server training, encompassing the crucial Texas laws governing the responsible sale and service of alcoholic beverages. Upon accomplishing our TABC approved online course, you gain instant access to download and print your complimentary certificate, showcasing your commitment to responsible service.

Effortlessly Obtain Your Food Handlers Card and TABC Certification in Texas

Effortlessly obtain your state-approved Food Handlers and TABC Certification Courses with ease and speed. Benefit from a significant discount when bundling these comprehensive courses, completing them at your preferred pace. Accessible via your mobile, tablet, or PC, acquire your Food Handlers Card and TABC Certification conveniently from anywhere. Uniting these certifications at an affordable rate has never been this accessible.

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Food Handlers Card
Texas food handlers card – get food handlers card online – take food handlers card test – American Course Academy

Secure Your Texas Food Handlers Card and Certification Online Convenience Guaranteed

American Course Academy stands as an accredited provider, offering the licensed online Texas Food Handler Course approved by the Texas Department of State Health Services. Proudly Texas-based, our comprehensive food protection course is tailored for food handlers online. Your commitment to safe food handling, as industry professionals, is pivotal in safeguarding our communities and families.

We needed to ensure our employees completed a state-approved food handler course. However, we wanted to ensure the course was high quality and met our internal benchmarks. The support team at American Course Academy provided me a free credit to take the course myself. The course exceeded my expectations and we’re proud to recommend the course to our employees ongoing.

Daniel Antonavich - Plano

I liked the simplicity of the registration and course, but most notable was the speed from the support team in answering my initial questions.

Brandon Woods - Keller

I really appreciated the audio option of the course. It made my learning experience more robust and functional. I’ve always been able to retain more through audio and was able stop or playback when needed.

Shannon Anderson - Houston

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is your Texas Food Handlers course and TABC Certification course approved by the state of Texas?

Yes, our Texas Food Handlers course is state-approved by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) while our TABC Certification course is state-approved by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC).

Do I need a Texas Food Handlers Card?

If you are a food handler (handles, prepares, serves, sells, or gives away food for human consumption) then you are required by the Texas Department of State Health Services to complete an approved food handlers safety course within 60 days of being hired.