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What Is Utah's E.A.S.Y. Law?

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Posted - October 24, 2023
What Is Utah's E.A.S.Y. Law

If there’s one thing that’s too easy these days, it’s a minor’s ability to obtain alcohol. That’s a big part of the rationale behind Utah’s E.A.S.Y. Law, which requires mandatory training for each store employee that sells alcohol (or supervises those who do). 

Learn about this law, training requirements and how to get your certificate in this post.

Utah’s E.A.S.Y. Law, Defined

E.A.S.Y. stands for “Eliminate Alcohol Sales to Youth.” According to the Utah Department of Health and Human Services, “the E.A.S.Y. Law requires mandatory training for each store employee that sells beer or directly supervises the sale of beer. Training must be completed before employees sell alcohol and at least every three years after that. Stores may hire a trainer to train staff in person, purchase a training package to train their own staff, create and submit their own training for approval, or an individual may take online training.”

E.A.S.Y. Law Requirements and Rules

This Utah law requires a minimum of 60 minutes of instruction in order to provide alcohol sellers with a basic understanding of several topics related to legal alcohol sales. The course must be accredited by the Utah Office of Substance Use and Mental Health (OSUMH) and a certification must be obtained to prove to your employer and/or a DABS Inspector that you completed an accredited course. There is a fee involved as well and your name will be entered into a database so that your certification and training can be verified.

Where to Get Your Utah Alcohol Seller Certification

American Course Academy makes it easy to get your Utah alcohol seller certification online. Not only can you access our Utah E.A.S.Y. Alcohol Sales Certification Course from any device, but there is a free audio version included and you’ll learn about topics like:

  • The definition of alcohol and its effects
  • Problem and underage drinking identification
  • Penalties for illegal alcohol sales
  • Strategies to avoid selling alcohol to minors and intoxicated individuals
  • How to check ID and decline a sale properly
  • Recognize beverage containers and red flags

Once you’re done, you can immediately download your free alcohol server training certificate and it’s valid for three years. To get your E.A.S.Y. alcohol training and obtain your alcohol seller certification, consider enrolling with American Course Academy today.

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