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Online vs. In-Person Food Handler Courses

May 14, 2024
Online vs. In-Person Food Handler Courses
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Technology isn’t the only thing evolving these days. The food industry is as well, especially when it comes to how its employees earn and receive their certifications. This is no more evident than with the availability of both online and in-person food handler courses.

Is there a difference between taking a food handler course in person versus doing it online, beyond the obvious? Let's take a look at the advantages of each and help you choose the right environment for you.

In-Person Food Handler Courses

Let’s start with the traditional method. This is still appropriate for certain individuals, depending on learning style and other situations. While not the most convenient option, there are still some benefits to in-person food handler courses, such as:

  • Hands-on experience: in-person courses may offer real-world scenarios that allow participants to apply knowledge in a controlled environment. This can help you remember information better and helps you develop your skills.
  • Interactions/networking: you’ll be with other individuals in an in-person food handler course, which increases a sense of community and collaboration. 
  • Real-time feedback: it’s easier to get immediate advice from instructors and peers when you’re there with them in person.

That being said, in-person courses aren’t for everyone. Let’s look at online food handler courses and their benefits.

Online Food Handler Courses

When given a choice between in-person and online instruction, more and more students are choosing the latter. This is for several reasons, which include:

  • Flexibility/convenience: one of the biggest benefits of taking an online food handler course from an organization like American Course Academy (ACA) is that it’s easier to fit into busy schedules. Learn the course at your own pace, at your desired time and access it from any device.
  • Cost-effective/affordable: online food handler courses tend to be much more affordable than in-person classes, especially if you’re talking about places of higher education. This lets you invest in your education without breaking the bank.
  • Accessibility: if you’re in a remote location, traveling or have mobility issues, you can still take an online food handler course. This lets more people obtain their food handler certifications without worrying about how to access courses.

At the end of the day, you’ll have to choose the right option for you. But if you’re interested in an online food handler course, consider enrolling with American Course Academy today. We think you’ll love the benefits that our convenient online option provides.

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