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Do You Need A Permit To Serve Food or Alcohol in Utah?

Utah Food and Alcohol Permit
Posted - December 28, 2022
Do You Need A Permit to Serve Food or Alcohol in Utah

Fencing. Electricity. Plumbing. There are several lines of work in Utah that require a permit to ensure regulations are followed and that everything is up to code. Specific requirements vary by county, but overall, the state requires documented proof of ability and training before approving permits.

Food and beverage service is no exception. The good news is that these permits can be beneficial in several ways. Let's go over whether a permit is needed to serve food or alcohol in Utah, and the benefits of getting one online.

Utah Food Handler Permit Requirements

The Utah Department of Health & Human Services has specific requirements when it comes to food handler training. According to the official government website, “All food handlers must obtain a permit from a local health department before they are allowed to handle food which will be served to the public. In order to receive the permit from the local health department, a food handler applicant must take a course offered by an approved food handler training provider, pass the exam, and receive a certificate from the training provider that they have taken the course and successfully passed the exam. The local health department will not issue a food handler permit without receiving documentation of this certificate.”

As an approved food handler training provider, American Course Academy provides food handler training and certificates to comply with these Utah food handler permit guidelines.

Utah Alcohol Server Training Requirements

The state has similar requirements when it comes to serving alcoholic beverages, as outlined by the E.A.S.Y. (or Off-Premises Training) Law. According to the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Services (DABS), “The E.A.S.Y. Law requires mandatory training for each store employee that sells beer or directly supervises the sale of beer. Training is required within 30 days of hire and at least every 5 years thereafter. Stores may hire a trainer to train staff in person, purchase a training package to train their own staff, create and submit their own training for approval, or an individual may take online training.”

American Course Academy is happy to offer Utah-approved certification courses for serving alcohol in the state as well. 

Benefits of Getting Utah Food and Alcohol Permits Online

In addition to satisfying the above permit requirements for serving alcohol and food in Utah, these online permit/certification courses come with several benefits, such as:

  • An easy course that usually takes no more than two hours to complete.
  • A documented certification that can be printed out or added to your resume.
  • A wide variety of food safety topics covered, from sanitization to proper temperatures.
  • Best practices for avoiding alcohol service to intoxicated and underage individuals.
  • English or Spanish options, with no tests or final exams necessary.

If you’re interested in enrolling in a food or beverage certification course approved by the state of Utah, you can get started directly on our site or contact us today at 972-800-8758. 


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