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Answers to 7 Common Utah Food Handler Permit Questions

January 20, 2024
Answers to 7 Common Utah Food Handler Permit Questions
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We all have questions about food. Is a footlong sub really a foot long? Is diet soda any healthier than regular soda? What is the most popular dish in a given state?

Similarly, many of us who work in foodservice have questions about handling food.

Do you need a food handler permit in Utah? What are the steps involved? How long is it valid? We answer these questions and more related to Utah food handler permits.

  1. Do you need a food handler permit in Utah?

Yes, if you are in a role where you handle food—whether at a restaurant, food processing plant or another foodservice facility, you are required to complete a state-approved food handlers course. Once you get your permit, you’ll be able to work in an establishment that involves the manufacturing, serving, preparation or other handling of food.

  1. What are the steps involved in a food handler certification?

Getting your Utah food handler certification online is the easiest option these days. With a course accredited by the Utah Department of Human Services, you simply complete the course (which involves a minimum of 75 minutes of instruction), take an exam and download your certificate, which is valid for 30 days.

  1. What happens after earning my certification?

After you’ve earned your official Food Handler Permit, it will be mailed to your address by the local health department. Both the certificate and card are proof you took your course.

  1. When do you need to complete your food handling training?

You need to get your food handlers card within two weeks (14 days) of starting work in a role that involves the handling of food. But the earlier you get it, the better, as it shows initiative and helps ensure you don’t make any patrons sick during your first 14 days of employment.

  1. How long are food handling cards valid?

The official permit mailed to you will be valid for three years. You’ll need to have it on hand if your employer requires proof or you’re asked to provide one by a Health Inspector.

  1. How do you renew a food handlers card in Utah?

The same way you initially earned it! All you have to do is take the course again and complete the simple process to earn your Utah food handler certification again.

  1. Can I take a Utah food handlers course online?

Yes, there are several options these days, including the Utah Food Handler Certification Course offered by American Course Academy. Our course is approved by the state, free audio is included and it’s available in English or Spanish.

These are just a few FAQs related to Utah food handler permits. If you have any additional questions, contact us today.

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