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4 Professions That Can Benefit from a Food Handlers Card

December 7, 2022
4 Professions That Can Benefit from a Food Handlers Card
Food Handlers Card

Some things can be taken lightly, such as memes or humorous restaurant signs. Food safety, on the other hand, is a serious matter. If you are a food handler (i.e. someone who handles, prepares, serves, sells or gives away food for human consumption), it’s not only beneficial to get proper food safety and handling training, but it’s also a requirement if you live in Texas.

Restaurant servers aren’t the only professionals that require a food handlers card, however. Here are four others who need (and can benefit from) food handler training:

  1. Caterers

If you’re in a hospitality industry role that involves handling or transporting food, you need a food handlers card. This is especially true for caterers who are responsible for preparing and selling their wares to a variety of clients with different food requirements and allergies. If you’re new to the world of catering or you’re interested in starting your own catering company, a food handlers card will teach you proper controlling time and temperature requirements for your menu offerings, in addition to several other topics.

  1. Cafeteria Workers

It’s not that surprising that cafeteria workers need a food handlers card, but where these professionals work may be a bit unexpected to some. For example, nursing homes typically have restaurants or cafeterias where employees handle food in the same way a restaurant server or line cook does. School cafeterias are another example. Food safety is especially crucial for these two professions, as they involve serving food to elderly or school-aged children who may be susceptible to food allergies or have compromised immune systems.

  1. Warehouse Employees

Food handler card requirements apply to any profession that involves direct or indirect handling of food, including warehouses where food is stored, distributed and transported. Whether your warehouse primarily deals with frozen foods, food preparation or food storage, a food handlers card can benefit your role in more ways than one. (And, well, it’s required.)

  1. Fruit and Vegetable Pickers

Even roles in the beginning stages of food distribution can benefit from proper food safety training. Take fruit and vegetable pickers, for example. These tasks often have to be completed by hand, which emphasizes the importance of knowing proper cleaning and sanitizing techniques, as well as how these foods become unsafe.

These are just a few examples of professions that can benefit from a food handlers card; there are countless more. Whether it’s required for your role or you’re simply interested in its benefits, a food handlers certificate can increase your knowledge about food safety. Sign up for our Texas-approved online training course today!

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