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4 Common Questions About Food Handler Permits in Utah

May 13, 2024
4 Common Questions About Food Handler Permits in Utah
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Anyone new to the food service industry will have questions. What happens if you come to work late, for example? Or, how do you ensure the safety of guests with food allergies? The list of potential questions is long, but it usually includes a few about food handler permits, since they’re required in Utah for anyone who handles food that is served to the public.

How long are food handler certifications valid? What steps are involved? How do you know a course is approved by the state? After you complete the course, when do you get your certificate? We answer all four of these questions in today's post.

  1. How Long Are Food Handler Certifications Valid?

One of the first Utah food handling questions is related to how long the permits last before being required to take a course again. After all, this can help you weigh whether the advantages of a food handler certification outweigh the effort involved. The good news is that an official Food Handler Permit Card is valid for three years. At American Course Academy, you can download a temporary certificate valid for 30 days upon completion of the course, but you’ll be mailed your official one from a local health department.

  1. What Steps Are Involved in a Food Handler Permit?

While courses slightly vary depending on the accreditation company, there is a minimum of 75 minutes of instruction required to give food handlers a basic understanding of food safety. With an American Course Academy certification, you simply enroll in the course, complete the instructional materials in two hours or less, take the state exam and immediately download your free food handler certificate.

  1. How Do You Know a Course is Approved by the State?

The company providing the food handler permit course should be transparent and open about whether their course is accredited by the state or not. American Course Academy is proud to offer a course accredited by the Utah Department of Health and Human Services and includes free audio in your choice of English or Spanish (both options are accredited and valid).

  1. After You Complete The Course, When Do You Get Your Certificate?

This can also vary depending on the course provider, but American Course Academy’s Utah  food handler certifications can be downloaded immediately. As mentioned above, it’s a temporary certificate and your official permit is mailed out shortly. The temporary certificate is valid for 30 days, but both the certificate and permit are proof to your employer and health inspectors that you completed an accredited course.

If you’re interested in a food handler permit in Utah or you have additional questions, give American Course Academy a call today at 844-268-7738.

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