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TABC Certification Training Guide

May 10, 2024
TABC Certification & Training

The TABC Certification Course is an alcohol awareness training program provided to sellers and servers of alcohol in Texas to help prevent intoxication, drunk driving and underage drinking. In Texas this is regulated by The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. Each state has its own requirements for serving alcohol and similar programs go by different names such as Liquor Serving License, Alcohol Serving License, or Alcohol Handler License. This means, that if you want to work in a state outside of Texas, you will need an additional alcohol serving license specific to that state.

TABC credentials when you need them

If you intend to work in the hospitality industry in a position that requires you to serve alcohol, it is highly recommended you hold a current TABC Certificate. An official TABC Certificate, and registry by us with their system, makes it easy to prove that you completed the responsible alcohol awareness training and have met their requirements. Having a valid TABC Certificate will make you more attractive to responsible employers who provide alcohol. After you complete the TABC Certification course, you’ll receive a FREE complimentary certificate as part of your course program.

Official and recognized by the TABC all over Texas

  • TABC Certificate
    Includes a Statement of Attainment - proof you have the right training to be an alcohol seller and server in Texas
  • TABC Card
    When you complete your TABC Certification Course, You’ll get a wallet card to print with your name and TABC certificate number.
  • TABC-approved. Accepted Texas-wide
    American Course Academy is accredited with the TABC which means that your TABC Certificate and Card are recognized Texas-wide
  • Employer & TABC Inspection Ready
    With your convenient wallet sized card in your packet at work, you’ll always be ready for surprise inspections
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