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5 Ways a Food Handlers Card Boosts Your Career

May 10, 2024
5 Ways a Food Handlers Card Boosts Your Career
5 Ways a Food Handlers Card Boosts Your Career

A food handlers card isn't just a requirement that checks the box for a role where you're handling food. It increases your food safety knowledge, improves your job prospects and has several other benefits.

One that many might not think about is its professional impact.

A food handlers card can boost your career in a variety of ways. Here are five of them:

  1. Easier Compliance

The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) requires any foodservice employee handling food to get a food handlers card within 60 days of being hired. If you already have a valid food handlers card (which remains valid 1-2 years after you get it), this is one step your potential employer doesn’t have to take if they hire you.

  1. Improved Resume Credibility

A food handlers certificate looks pretty good on your resume, too. It tells whoever is reviewing it that you know the basics of food handling safety and that you know things like how food becomes unsafe, good personal hygiene, controlling temperatures in foods, preventing cross contamination and proper cleaning and sanitizing techniques. The same can’t be said for someone who doesn’t have a food handler card or certification on their resume.

  1. More Job Prospects

Again, a food handler card is required in states like Texas for anyone who handles food, so to even qualify for food handling jobs in Texas, you need one. The course is quick, however, taking just one or two hours to complete the course. After you’re done, you can immediately download or print the wallet card and start searching for your ideal job with it in hand.

  1. It Differentiates You

If a job comes down to two candidates, which do you think the employer is going to choose (all other factors being equal): the candidate without a food handlers card or the candidate with one? By getting your food handlers card, it shows that you are responsible, have initiative and are thinking ahead. It’s also one less minor expense and task the hiring manager has to worry about.

  1. You’re in the Industry

Finally, a food handlers card is one of the easiest ways to gain industry experience and get your foot in the door. No matter your age or experience level, you can start with any type of food handling job and work your way up to the role of your dreams.

At American Course Academy, we wanted all of our students to thrive in the foodservice job or role where they fit best. Be sure to check out our food handlers card certification page and enroll in the course today.

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