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5 Reasons To Get Your Food Allergen Certificate

May 10, 2024
5 Reasons To Get Your Food Allergen Certificate
Food Allergies Reasons to Get a Food

If you found out that someone you love was living with a dangerous disease, would you do what you could to make sure they’re as safe and comfortable as possible? Of course you would. Yet, many people these days don’t seem to take certain health risks like allergies seriously, especially when it comes to strangers.

About 32 million Americans suffer from food allergies, but that isn't the only reason why getting more information about them is beneficial. Here are five reasons why it's a smart decision to get a certificate that teaches you about food allergens and other food safety issues.

  1. You Serve Food

Anyone who handles food, whether in the front of a house at a restaurant or behind the scenes at a processing facility needs to know about basic food safety topics—which include allergens. By understanding allergens and their effects on someone who is compromised to them, you’ll be in a better position to avoid cross contamination, as well as how to clean and sanitize properly so no allergens end up where they shouldn’t.

  1. It’s Required By Your Employer

Knowing about food allergens might be a necessity for your job, as more and more employers are doing what they can to protect themselves, their employees and their customers. Whether your existing employer is implementing a new requirement or you want to land a better job and are looking for a way to stand out among other candidates, a food allergen certificate is ideal.

  1. You Protect Your Customers

If you work in a restaurant or plant, your customers trust you to follow proper food safety techniques. They don’t see everything that goes into a dish or what kind of hygiene you and your employees maintain. So everything from controlling time and temperature to avoiding allergen contaminants is important for the final product you serve.

  1. It’s Convenient and Affordable

Getting a food handlers certificate with food allergen training is easier and cheaper than you might think. You can get a certificate online from American Course Academy for about the same price as a fast-food combo and it takes as little as 1-2 hours to complete. But the benefits you get with knowledge, peace of mind and resume credibility are invaluable.

  1. You Can Get Training Online

Finally, you don’t have to go to an in-person class to get your certificate these days. Our food handlers course is online-based and can be taken on any mobile phone, tablet or computer. Once you complete the course, you can download your wallet card or certificate immediately and start showing off your food safety and allergen knowledge.

If you’re interested in not just foot allergen training, but a food handlers certificate that covers the principles of food safety, enroll today!

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