Food Handlers Permit +
(On-Premise) Alcohol Server Permit or
(Off-Premise) E.A.S.Y Alcohol Seller Permit

Combine Utah Alcohol Server / Seller Permits with a Utah Food Handlers Permit

Now is a great time to take advantage of our bundled certifications. If you or your staff needs a Utah Food Handlers Permit to combine with an On-Premises Alcohol Server Permit or Off-Premise E.A.S.Y. Alcohol Seller Permit, American Course Academy makes it easy. We are proud to offer this bundle of permits to you at a reduced price.

So, if it’s time to renew any of these permits or if someone new to your staff is in need of being newly certified, just add the option to bundle and those state-approved certifications can be ready to download today. It’s easy, simple and now even more affordable than ever.

The process couldn’t be more convenient. These certifications can be acquired on any Wi-Fi enabled device such as a smart phone, tablet or a personal computer. We also offer the option of completing your Utah food handlers permit and Utah alcohol seller / server permit in either English or Spanish.

Your Utah Food Handler and Alcohol Seller / Server Permits Show That You Care

It’s important for your customers to know that you and your staff are fully certified for handling food and serving alcohol on-premises. Likewise, a Utah off-premise E.A.S.Y. alcohol seller permit shows buyers that you’re a trusted source for their needs. These important permits assure your patrons that their safety and comfort is an essential part of your business platform. That’s why American Course Academy chooses to provide these bundled courses at a discount. Our success depends entirely on yours.

If you need to renew or acquire a new Utah Food Handling Permit, then there’s no reason not to consider our packaged offer. If on-premises alcohol serving is part of your business, or if off-premise alcohol sales are your core business, just click and save. We can make both happen for you and your staff by the end of the day.

Protect Your Business and Your Hospitality Staff with These Legal Permits

Once you or a member of your staff has completed the Utah Food Handlers Permit and On-Premises Alcohol Server course or Off-Premise Alcohol Sales course, you and your staff members will be protected by these state-certified permits. These certifications are essential to the safe operation of your business.

Your new certifications will be good for two years before they must be renewed. The renewal process is a big part of what keeps your business and hospitality staff members up to date with current food handling and alcohol server / seller policies and procedures. It only takes a few hours and with these bundled courses, it’s now easier and more affordable than ever.

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