Testimonials for Utah Alcohol Sales Permit

Read testimonials from a few of American Course Academy’s many satisfied clients to discover why we are considered a leading Utah (off-premise) Alcohol Sales Training Course provider.

Robert Ruiz - West Jordan

I didn’t know what to really expect before taking the certification course. Learning Utah law, effects of alcohol on young people, the correct way to check ID’s, etc, etc. were all new to me. I’m so glad I took the course and would definitely recommend it to anyone selling alcohol. It could really help you avoid a BIG mistake for you or someone else.

Carter Chase - Orem

I liked being able to take the course at home at my own pace. Also, I could access on my iphone and start where I left off without losing my progress. Very simple, very easy.

Sam Reagan - Ogden

Took the course but was most impressed with the support team’s response time. I contacted them 3 times with questions and they got back fast! Even at night. Pretty impressive.

Rob Parker - Salt Lake City

The site was easy to navigate, the course and test were no problem. It took me one and a half hours to complete and pass the Exam. Would recommend.

Jill Marshall - West Velley City

I enjoyed the course. It was easy to do and follow along. Lots of great and important information.

Sam Gale - Salt Lake City

This was my first time to take an alcohol sales course. I thought it was going to be boring and really not that much to learn. It’s great information and really helped prepare me for selling beer. I always wondered what would happen or what I would do in different situations and now I have an understanding on how to handle.

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