Utah E.A.S.Y. Alcohol Certification

Utah E.A.S.Y.
Alcohol Certification
for Off-Premise Sellers - Enroll Now!

Discover the E.A.S.Y. Alcohol Sales Training tailored for off-premise sellers like grocery and convenience stores in Utah. Comply with the E.A.S.Y. Law’s mandatory training for beer sales, ensuring every employee is certified. Our state-approved online course takes just 1 hour, valid for 3 years. Upon completion, your details join Utah’s web-registry for certified alcohol sellers, instantly verifiable by employers. Quickly download and print your permit card post-course, ready to sell ‘To Go’ beer. Embrace the convenience and legality with our Utah E.A.S.Y. Alcohol Certification – enroll now for hassle-free compliance! Enroll Now