Utah Food Handler Permit Card: A Complete Guide

Posted - April 17, 2023

Keep your Utah Food Handler Permit Card in your wallet to prove to Health Inspectors that you meet all legal requirements for safe food handling.

Food safety credentials when you need them. As a food handler, you never know when Health Inspectors might conduct a surprise health inspection at your workplace. An official Utah Food Handler Permit Card makes it easy to prove that you meet your legal food safety training requirements. Initially, you will receive a FREE food handler certificate (valid for 30 days) as part of your course program when you complete our accredited food safety course. Then your local health department will mail you your official food handler permit card.

Official, safe and recognized all over Utah 

  • Food Handlers Certificate
    Includes a Statement of Attainment – proof you have the right training to be a Food Handler in Utah
  • Food Handler Permit Card
    When you complete your Food Handler course, you’ll get an office card with your name
  • State-approved. Accepted Utah-wide
    American Course Academy is accredited in the state of Utah which means that our Food Handler course and certification are recognized Utah-wide
  • Health Inspector Ready
    With your convenient wallet sized permit card in your pocket at work, you’ll always be ready for surprise health inspections.