Food Handlers Permit +
(On-Premise) Alcohol Server Permit or
(Off-Premise) E.A.S.Y Alcohol Seller Permit Utah

Combine a Utah Food Handlers Permit with Our Alcohol Server / Seller Courses

We make it easy for you and your staff to be able to combine your Utah Food Handlers Permit with the Off-Premise E.A.S.Y. Alcohol Seller Permit or On-Premise Alcohol Server Permit – all for a reduced price. It’s a great way to save money and double down on your certifications and renewals. 

These combinations of certifications are all state approved. This means that you and your food handling staff can also be quickly certified to sell alcohol for off-premises consumption or for on-premise alcohol and food serving. You can trust that our accreditation is fully and legally supported by the state. It’s just that easy.

We make it even easier by allowing you to complete your certifications on a variety of Wi-Fi enabled devices including your mobile phone, tablet or, of course, your own personal computer. These courses, like all courses at American Course Academy, offer those being certified the choice of learning and testing in either Spanish or English at no extra charge.

Getting Certified by American Course Academy Is Easy and Affordable

Our courses and certifications are always designed with you and your budget in mind. We make sure that your certifications are both affordable and easy to acquire. It couldn’t be any easier on you, your time and your budget.

When acquired and properly displayed, your Food Handlers Permit, On-Premise Alcohol Server Permit or E.A.S.Y. Alcohol Seller Permit will assure your patrons that their meals and beverages are perfectly prepared or packaged with their safety in mind. This lets your customers know that you care about proper food and alcohol handling and that you are personally and professionally invested in their comfort and enjoyment of your venue or services. 

There’s No Better Time Than Now to Update or Renew Your Certifications

Proper training for you and your staff is an ongoing process. Food handler certifications and alcohol server / seller certifications expire and must be renewed. This process is designed for the safety of your employees as well as those customers who entrust you to provide high quality meals and beverages that are safe to consume.

Check your staff certifications today. Make sure that they are up to date for each member of your food handling or alcohol serving or selling team. If it’s time to renew, American Course Academy is standing by. In most cases, your reaccreditation can happen in as little time as a few hours.

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