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Quantity Discounts for Companies

Pre-Paid Codes Price Bulk Discount
1 $6.99 0%
2 $6.65 5%
3 $6.30 10%
4 $5.60 20%
5 $4.90 30%
6 $4.20 40%
7 or more $3.50 50%
Note: There is a separate $15.00 (mandatory) fee collected that goes to the local Health Department to process your certification.

Quantity Discounts for Companies

No matter the size of your hospitality business, if you have multiple employees that need certification, we can help you save through our Quantity Discount Program. We believe in long-term business relationships and want to be your one-stop online training site for all your Utah Food Handler and alcohol certification needs.

How It Works

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Next, start saving today by selecting the course and quantity you would like to purchase. The discount you will receive is based on the quantity selected. Discounts begin with the purchase of two or more of the same course.


Once you’ve completed your order, select the Checkout button and finalize your payment.

Receive Prepaid Number

After your payment has been made, your account will be allocated Prepaid Numbers which you can then provide to your employees as needed. Your employees can then use the Prepaid Number as payment when registering for the Utah Food Handler Course or Alcohol Certification Course.

To provide a Prepaid Number to an employee, simply login to your account and send an e-vite. The e-vite send sent will provide a Prepaid Number and link to the associated course. Also, you can track the status of your Prepaid Numbers at any time.

Extended Term

Normally once a course is purchased, a student has 120 days to complete. However, we understand the uncertainty of employee turnover and when the Prepaid Numbers may be actually used. Therefore, the term to use Prepaid Numbers under Corporate Accounts is for 2 years.