Food Handlers Certificate Get your Texas Food Handlers Certificate now with our DSHS state-approved online training course.

Food handlers certificate - food handlers test - food handlers certificate online - food handling course – American Course AcademyAn accredited food handlers certification course by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) is required for any food service employee handling food and covers the principles of food safety. The food handlers course must be taken within 60 days from the date you were hired. A Texas Food Handlers Card is valid for 2 years. Our online course is super-quick (1-2 hours depending on your pace) and easy to use on any mobile phone, tablet, or pc. After you’ve completed the online course, you can immediately download and print your FREE wallet card and food safety certificate. Enroll Now

Food Handlers Certificate
Our online food handlers certificate course covers the following topics
  • How Food Become Unsafe
  • Good Personal Hygiene
  • Controlling Time and Temperature/Requirements
  • Preventing Cross Contamination
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing