Confirmation for Bundle Courses


You have successfully purchased the TABC Certification Course + Food Handler Certification Course. You may now take the TABC Certification Course on this website. However, you must take the Food Handler Certification Course on a different website and complete a New Student Registration form again. See the instructions below.

Instructions on How to Enroll in the Food Handler Certification Course:

  • Go to the American Course Academy Food Handler Certification Course website.
  • Select ‘Enroll Now’ (not Login) and complete the New Student Registration form.
  • When you reach the payment information, select ‘PREPAID NUMBER’ and enter the Prepaid Number (provided above) as your payment and select ‘SUBMIT’.

Please note, your credit card or debit card has been charged $7.00 for the TABC Certification Course and $6.99 for the Food Handler Course. You have been emailed a separate receipt for both transactions. The combined amount ($13.99) equals the cost of the bundle ($11.99) plus the cost of the mandatory TABC registration fee ($2.00).

Note: You have been emailed the same prepaid number and instructions shown above. The subject of the email reads ‘Prepaid Number & How to Enroll in the Food Handler Course’.